Taxation and Budgeting

People should know that are getting their money’s worth for the taxes they pay. Right now, too many feel the burden of rising taxes without the benefit of the high-quality services Oak Parkers expect. The taxation and budgeting process must be transparent. Oak Parkers should have a sense that their elected officials are competent about this process. Village trustees should understand where the taxes come from and where the money is being spent. If elected, I will work to make Oak Park spending efficient, with the expectation of holding the line on budget increases.

Economic Diversity

Economic development should create opportunities that benefit a mix of residents from different income levels, social backgrounds and, in some cases, racial and ethnic backgrounds. By creating development through this lens, we generate opportunities to strengthen our community.

Affordable Housing

Oak Park must have a robust and comprehensive affordable housing policy. While the ideal affordable housing policy would include SB3512–also known as rent control–that bill is still awaiting passage by the Illinois legislature. Oak Park’s policy should take into account the housing needs and obligations of the community while encouraging socioeconomic integration. One means of achieving housing equity is by supporting affordable rates for existing rental property through the use of a property tax offset extended to rental property owners based on the income being generated from their property.